CustomPack is a unique customizable product comprised of five powerful elements:

  • Customer Specific Pricing
  • WorkBook
  • Document Linking
  • Mail Merge
  • SuperTicker


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e-BusinessVision is a fully integrated website and web-shopping solution designed especially for BusinessVision 32 users.  e-BusinessVision allows your business to  quickly and easily:

  • Gain new market share
  • Increase sales
  • Attract new customers
  • Receive orders via the Internet
  • Provide customers with 24-hour access to on-line shopping and account research services
  • Enjoy the benefits of a cost-effective, maintenance-free website

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Multiple Currency Manager for BusinessVision 32

Fully-integrated with BusinessVision 32, the Multiple Currency Manager provides the ability to enter, process and report on business and accounting tasks in foreign currencies. Designed to automatically perform foreign currency accounting and conversions to base currency – all in real-time! The unique AutoPost feature actually creates the required foreign currency journal entries and General Ledger accounts automatically – no manual set-up of multiple foreign accounts required – simply process the transaction and appropriate General Ledger accounts for the currency are created on-the-fly.


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