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Service and Support are key components of an ICON solution. Our relationships with our key vendors give us priority access to technical support and spare parts. As a result, we can resolve support issues quickly and completely. Our support plans, including our exclusive Remote Helpdesk Support System, are cost-effective tools for maintaining your mission-critical systems.

Standard Support System

The Standard Support System offers you highly technical System Engineers and Network Engineers to diagnose and repair your personal computers and network problems. It starts as soon as you call our offices. A service call is initiated and Systems Engineer or Network Engineer is dispatched to your site for troubleshooting. All the work performed is documented in our enhanced database for consistency and immediate access which therefore reduces support costs.

Key Advantages:

  • Low maintenance plan where the amount of support provided depends on your needs.
  • Low network downtime as your networks and computer systems are handled by industry certified engineers.
  • Computerized service call tracking.

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Extended Value Support System

The Extended Value Support System offers you with a cost-effective way to pre-purchase service hours. These hours are used for set-up, installation and troubleshooting. You pre-purchase 20 service hours at a discounted rate and get guaranteed response time of 4 hour on-site response. The hours are deducted based on the type of work being done by each Systems Engineer or Network Engineer and can be used for on-site service or phone support.

Key Advantages:

  • Guaranteed 4-hour response time

  • Computerized service call tracking

  • Cost-effective method for minimizing network downtime

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The Remote Helpdesk Support System

The Remote Helpdesk Support System delivers outsourced system management and comprehensive helpdesk support. This system provides the highest level of technical support to minimize network down time and ensure smooth operation.

This system provides outsourced system management services that are centered around remote management of your fileservers. It also provides Remote Network Administrative support for your PC's and laptops that comprise your PC-based Local Area Network (LAN). This system includes a base set of services that include remote helpdesk, remote control, and proactive fileserver monitoring, software and hardware diagnosis.

The significant aspects of the Remote Helpdesk Support System include the ability to:

  • Remotely manage fileserver fault conditions.
  • Monitor fileserver performance.
  • Control fileserver security and configuration.
  • Remotely control the fileserver including remote reset and cycle of power.
  • Monitor hardware subsystems on the fileserver such as disk storage, system memory and system processor.
  • Proactively collect and measure fileserver parameters and deliver alerts from your fileserver to management in our offices.
  • Remotely manage network user login rights and properties.

In addition, the Remote Helpdesk Support System resolves desktop problems cost-effectively by remotely accessing your desktops from our offices. Our Engineers can then:

  • See exactly what your users see on their screens
  • See your desktops and immediately diagnose the problem and then determine which part to bring to fix it

Key Advantages:

  • Industry-certified System and Network Engineers available for troubleshooting
  • Guaranteed quick response time of 1 hour for phone support and 4 hour for on-site
  • Escalation capability to a higher level Network Engineer, if the problem is not initially resolved
  • Cost-effective solution to business needs

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