Financial Solutions


Account for Success  

All businesses face competing needs for limited resources. The temptation to invest in activities that produce immediate results is enormous.

Short-term goals of increased sales or deeper market penetration can be - and frequently are - achieved, but often at a high price; ignorant of the impact on the company’s long-term financial health.

To succeed in the long run, a business must have a thorough understanding of its financial model - including its accounting system. Those that forge ahead with little or no regard for the bottom-line impact of their policies and objectives will be less profitable than their more knowledgeable competitors. ICON can provide the necessary skills, information and networks that optimize your financial processes.

Develop a Winning Plan

ICON is committed to helping every one of its clients develop a winning financial plan by offering premier accounting systems, that use the latest Windows operating systems for PC-based, networked business systems. ICON will design and install a financial management system configured to meet its clients’ unique needs. Once the optimum system is installed and in place, ICON will train the customer’s staff to operate the system effectively and achieve a high level of confidence with all essential functions.

ICON is committed to providing support for as long as is needed – software updates and upgrades, custom reports, data file repair and upgrades to hardware systems when appropriate.

ICON continually analyzes the accounting systems marketplace to offer clients the latest innovations, such as e-commerce, Internet-enabled connectivity and wide-area networks connecting your enterprise. ICON will recommend and deploy new technologies when they are proven to be capable of stable, efficient operation.


Build the Infrastructure 

Building a successful business is a lengthy process requiring, among other factors, a solid, reliable and versatile infrastructure. A well-designed and well-managed network is an essential ingredient of highly successful companies. Another component is hiring highly competent personnel at all levels. Yet another is implementing an accounting system that accounts for the past accurately and helps predict the future. ICON can play a significant role in this process for your company.

Use an Integrated Suite of Products

An ICON designed, installed and maintained accounting system is a comprehensive, integrated suite of products that operates on Windows 95/ 98 and NT/2000 operating systems.

The accounting system modules include:

  • System Manager

  • General Ledger

  • Accounts Receivable

  • Accounts Payable

  • Payroll

  • Inventory Control

  • Multi-Currency Management

  • Financial Report Writer

  • E-commerce

ICON’s skills in e-business enable it to engineer, build, implement and enhance effective e-commerce solutions to its clients. Services that ICON provides are based on implementing an integrated suite of products, and delivery of systems, networks and web-enabled applications that can run concurrently on several distributed systems connected via LANs, WANs, Intranets and the Internet.

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