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Automatic Posting

  • Eliminates outdated "posting" to each ledger

  • Eliminates "batching" transactions at month-end

  • Make an entry in any financial module and AutoPost automatically creates the necessary journal entry and posts it to the applicable ledgers

  • Create an invoice and AutoPost calculates the effect on the revenue, inventory, cost, tax, freight and receivables accounts

  • Close a purchase order and AutoPost calculates the effect on the expense, inventory,

  • tax, freight and payables accounts

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Accounts Receivable

  • Browse and select from "ListViews" of account codes and names - account codes may contain up to six characters

  • Powerful search and find options with multiple criteria

  • Alternate user-defined search key of up to ten characters can be specified (e.g. customer telephone number)

  • Customer database dynamically links with GoldMine contact management system

  • Open item accounting by customer

  • Territory code grouping of customers (e.g. by sales area)

  • Multiple shipping addresses

  • E-mail customers directly

  • On-screen account history with five configurable aging periods

  • Automatic sales tax calculations

  • Open item window for easy payment application

  • Unique "flagging" and "linking" capabilities for multiple item payments

  • Ability to view and reprint invoices

  • Drill-down to the General Ledger journal entry

  • Partial and unapplied payments fully supported

  • Sales and profit statistics by customer

  • Automatic calculation and verification of discounts given

  • Automatic or manual calculation and posting of finance charges

  • Graphical view of account aging

  • Reports produced by specific customer, range of customers or sales territory

  • Fully-integrated with Order Entry, Point-of-Sale, Job Cost and General Ledger

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Accounts Payable

  • Browse and select from "ListViews" of account codes and names - account codes may contain up to six characters

  • Powerful search and find options with multiple criteria

  • Alternate user-defined search key of up to ten characters can be specified (e.g. vendor telephone number)

  • Open item accounting by supplier

  • E-mail suppliers directly

  • On-screen account history, five configurable aging periods, and due dates for unpaid items

  • Open item screen for easy payment application

  • Unique "flagging" and "linking" capabilities for multiple item payments

  • Partial and on-account payments fully supported

  • Drill-down to the General Ledger journal entry

  • Ability to view closed purchase orders

  •  Automatic calculation of available discounts

  • Purchase statistics by supplier

  • 1099 Forms

  • Graphical view of account aging

  • Multiple bank accounts with built-in check writer

  • Reports produced by specific supplier or range of suppliers

  • Fully-integrated with Purchase Order, Job Cost and General Ledger

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General Ledger

  • User-defined Chart of Accounts, or select one of the Charts of Account provided

  • Browse and select from "ListViews" of account numbers and descriptions

  • Powerful search and find options with multiple criteria

  • Departmentalization capability – three-character department code and full reporting by department

  • Up to 40,000 account numbers in 1-5 digit format/department

  • Unlimited transactions per account, viewable at any time

  • Journal entries automatically numbered and forced to balance at time of entry - up to 198 transaction lines/entry

  • No month-end processing - system is always up-to-date

  • Past and future period postings permitted this year or last year (with authority)

  • Fully automatic year-end close procedure, with lockable months

  • View changes in financial position by period and account

  • Bank and/or account reconciliation and reporting

  • Graphical view of net change/balances by month versus previous year

  • Account detail for any period can be printed or viewed at any time

  • Reports by account number, transaction number or fiscal period

  • Consolidated General Ledger Reports for multiple companies

  • Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Comparative Performance reports, for any period

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Inventory Control

  • Browse and select from "ListViews" of stock codes and item descriptions

  • Powerful search and find options with multiple criteria

  • Up to fifteen-character stock codes or service item codes

  • Fractional inventory - up to three decimal places

  • Multiple warehouse inventory control, with two-character warehouse code

  • Vendor part number and cost price tracked by item

  • Costing based on weighted average method

  • Graphical view of sales/usage patterns by item by month (rolling twelve month period)

  • Two tax indicators for use by billing functions

  • Supports serial numbers up to twenty-five characters

  • Serial number allocation options include manual and automatic, on receipt or at time of sale

  • Stock location code by item

  • Up to twenty price lists per item

  • Quantity break discount pricing - nine breaks per item

  • Price discount matrix by product group and customer type

  • Dynamic tracking of on-hand, on-order, backorder and re-order requirements

  • Receiving function with cost, selling price and location change option

  •  Alternate part number tracking

  • View pictures of inventory items

  • Supports 320-character "comment" items for service details or special messages

  • Reports by warehouse, product line, item or range of items

  • Fully-integrated with Order Entry, Purchase Order and Bill of Material

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Order Entry & Billing

  • Browse and select from "ListViews" of customers, stock items, orders, quotations and layaways

  • Powerful search and find options with multiple criteria

  • Supports quotations, orders, standing (recurring) orders, layaways, credit hold and backorders

  • Includes automatic order/invoice processing for periodic billing or subscription and membership renewals

  • Credit limit verification for orders and invoices

  • Restrict user invoicing ability for customers over credit limit

  • Up to 99 tax rates supported

  • Automatically creates backorders for unfilled items (with manual override)

  • Automatic or manual serial number allocation

  • Supports multiple discounts by customer and item

  • Non-stock, service items and comments may be entered

  • Selling price override at order entry time

  • Line item discounts supported

  • Handles separate billing and shipping addresses

  • Returns and credit memos fully supported

  • Up to 99 line items or comment lines per invoice

  • Supports direct e-mail, fax and printing of multiple page invoices

  • Quotations may be changed to orders and then billed

  • Override of prices, terms, tax, freight, discount and salesperson

  • Item availability, location and alternate part number shown on-screen

  • Cost price shown (with proper authority)

  • Invoices, quotes and packing slips can be processed individually or in batches

  • Inventory allocated at order time

  • Integrated with Bill of Material to draw down components of kitted item

  • Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Sales History and General Ledger updated immediately and automatically at billing time

  • Negative inventory processing option

  • Reports by order number or range of order numbers

  • Fully-integrated with Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Job Cost and General Ledger

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  • High-speed "hands-free" option at point-of-sale (no keyboard entry required)

  • Supports cash drawer, barcode readers and popular pole displays

  • Supports popular point-of-sale printers (paper roll)

  • Fast browse and select "ListView" of SKU’s

  • Access existing customer for on-account and cash/credit card sale

  • Retail customers can be added to database on-the-fly

  • Line item discounts supported

  • Serial number entry and allocation supported

  • Non-stock, service items and comments supported

  • Supports credits and returns

  • Handles multiple taxes

  • Layaway sales orders and periodic payment support

  • Multiple payment types, on-account and split-tendering fully supported

  • All accounting performed automatically

  • Daily sales reports by clerk and grand totals (X and Z totals) by payment method

  • Complete end-of-day and periodic reporting

  • Fully-integrated with Inventory, Accounts Receivable and General Ledger

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Sales Analysis

  • Maintain sales invoice details on file indefinitely

  • View invoices or sales by customer, invoice number, date range, item, serial number or sales territory

  • Past invoices may be viewed and re-printed at any time

  • Drill-down to General Ledger journal entry

  • Daily sales reports and point-of-sale details/totals

  • Complete monthly and periodic sales reporting

  • Reports may be produced in summary or detailed format

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  • Browse and select "ListViews" of employee numbers and names - employee number may be up to six digits

  • Powerful search and find options with multiple criteria

  • E-mail employees directly

  • View pictures of employees

  • Payroll may be run separately for up to 99 departments

  • Complete flexibility for tipped, salaried, commissionable or hourly-paid employees

  • Multiple pay frequencies, e.g. weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, etc

  • Fast timecard entry, permitting the allocation of wages to up to eighty General Ledger

  • expense accounts per employee

  • Automatic timecard creation for salaried employees

  • Up to two years of timecard and payroll history for each employee is maintained on file, permitting on-screen inquiry for past pay periods

  • Provisions for wages/salary, regular time, overtime, other time, tips, commission, vacation, advances, etc

  •  Automatic calculation of FIT, FICA, FUTA, SIT, SUTA and SDI for employer and employee, with user override provision. All states supported. Union dues and up to five additional benefits and five additional deductions on each timecard. Provision for the definition of local taxes .

  • Paychecks can be produced in batch mode, or a single paycheck can be printed on-the-fly

  • Reports may be produced by department, employee or range of employees, including

  •  W-2 Wage and Tax Statement

  • Reporting includes timecard detail, payroll journal, earnings and benefits, withholdings detail, etc.

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       Purchase Order

  • Browse and select from "ListViews" of supplier codes and inventory items

  • Powerful search and find options with multiple criteria

  •  Automatically assigned purchase order numbers

  • Vendor part numbers and prices automatically maintained on file

  • Supports vendor discounts

  • Non-stock items and comments may be entered

  • Up to 99 line items or comment lines per order

  • Supports direct e-mail, fax and printing of multiple page purchase orders

  • Override of prices, terms, taxes, freight, discount and buyer

  • Partial receipts accepted, with automatic accrual to General Ledger

  • Supports receipt and entry of serialized items

  • Item availability, on-order and on-backorder quantities shown on-screen

  • Inventory on-order updated when purchase order issued/printed

  • Inventory on-hand updated when items are received

  • Supports fractional quantities to three decimal places

  • Landed cost capabilities

  • Closed purchase orders can be viewed and re-printed

  • Close purchase orders directly to Accounts Payable and General Ledger

  • Purchase history detail maintained on file indefinitely

  • Reports by purchase order number or range of purchase order numbers

  • Fully-integrated with Inventory, Accounts Payable, Job Cost and General Ledger

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       Purchase Analysis

  • Maintain purchase order details on file indefinitely

  •  View purchase orders by supplier, purchase order number, date range, item purchased or buyer

  • Past purchase orders may be viewed at any time

  • Drill-down to General Ledger journal entry

  • Daily, monthly and periodic purchase order reporting

  • Reports may be produced in summary or detailed format

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 Job Cost

  • Browse and select "ListViews" by job number and sub-account

  • Powerful search and find options

  • May be used stand-alone or in conjunction with the general accounting functions

  • An unlimited number of jobs, projects or dockets may be tracked

  •  Income, expense and gross profit information on each job and job sub-category available

  •  Jobs may be subdivided (999 accounts supported)

  •  View on-going estimates, actual costs, and gross profit by job and sub-category

  • Drill down to detailed transactions and job cost journal entries

  • Past period postings permitted (with authority)

  • Reports may be produced by job or range of jobs

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  • The Import function allows users complete flexibility when importing supplier, customer and inventory file information

  •  Import file record lengths up to 1,800 bytes, ASCII text or columnar delimited

  • Can create new records or update existing records (e.g. price changes)

  • User defined input format

  • Import file definitions can be saved for future use

  • Special "order import" feature - process orders downloaded from the Internet, e-mail, or Palm computing device

  • The Export function provides complete flexibility in exporting data for use in other applications

  • Files can be exported in fixed ASCII text columns, or columnar delimited

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       Bill of Materials

  • Browse and select "ListViews" for inventory items and bill components

  • Powerful search and find capabilities with multiple criteria

  • Unlimited parts/components in a bill

  • Maintain up to 99 categories of components (e.g. packaging, labor, fasteners)

  • Nine levels of sub-assemblies

  • Non-stock items permitted

  • Automatic substitution or inclusion of alternate part numbers

  • Supports both kitted and manufactured bills

  • Caters for scrap and yield percentages

  • Supports revision levels

  • Trial build capability (requirement and shortage scenarios)

  • Cost roll-up inquiry for average and current costs

  • Comprehensive "where used" inquiry

  • Detailed on-screen "indented" inquiry

  • Reports include indented, costed and "where used" bill of material detail

  • Fully-integrated with Inventory and Order Entry

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Budgets & Forecasts

  • Linked to actual performance information in the General Ledger

  • Budget last year, this year and next year

  • Automatic roll-up of departmental budgets to total company budget

  •  Automatic creation of budgets using previous year actuals or budgets

  • Automatic distribution of annual budget amounts based on user-defined seasonal trends

  • Automatic inflation calculations and adjustments

  • User-defined rounding

  • Forecasting based on year-to-date performance and balance-of-year budgets

  •  Automatic forecasting and budget revisions using performance versus plan trends

  •  "What if" scenarios for accurate forecasting

  • Budget, actual and forecast data can be exported to a spreadsheet

  • Budget, forecast and performance values represented graphically

  • Reports include budget worksheets, actual versus budget/forecast, budget detail report

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       Optional Add-on Features

  • LAN Packs for multiple user operation – up to five, ten or unlimited users

  • Multiple Currency Manager - enter, process and report on business and accounting tasks in foreign currencies. Consolidate Charts of Account in differing currencies.

  • e-BusinessVision - a fully-integrated e-commerce website and web-store solution (multiple price lists and multiple currency capabilities not available with BusinessVision 32 LE)

  • Fully-customizable WYSIWYG reporting with Seagate Crystal Reports

  • ODBC enabled with BusinessVision Connect! A connectivity tool enabling integration of custom applications

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System Requirement

  • To use BusinessVision 32, you require an IBM PC or 100% compatible (Pentium or higher) computer, with a minimum of 32MB available memory (RAM), and 50MB of space on the hard drive. System performance can be optimized by increasing available memory. SVGA or higher-resolution monitor suggested. BusinessVision requires the Windows 95 operating system, or higher. A mouse or compatible pointing device is required.

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