Videoconference Solutions

Wide Range of Systems

ICON offers clients a full-range of videoconference systems capable of transmitting voice, video and data over wide area and local area networks, as well as ISDN and analog telephone lines. ICON systems provide companies with the ability to:

  • Conduct seamless communication between sites regardless of the equipment or method of communication employed to connect.                

  • Select from a broad range of equipment, from laptop to large room systems.

  • Use video, audio and data simultaneously to communicate with their staff anywhere in the world.

  • Conduct training and meetings without the cost of requiring attendees to travel to one site. 

  • Communicate with clients, vendors, bankers and other stakeholders more frequently and at less cost. 

  • Avoid travel delays resulting from the September 11 attacks, resulting in a more productive, efficient and less costly workforce.


Turnkey Solutions

ICONís videoconference experts provide turnkey solutions to our clients by:

  • Helping them to identify their specific requirements, then design and price a system that meets their needs.

  • Serving as the project manager, making certain that the system chosen is installed correctly and on schedule; that the companyís staff is properly trained; and any subsequent problems are quickly resolved.

  • Keeping clients competitive by informing them of the latest videoconference technology and upgrades 

If your company is considering the purchase of videoconference system, contact ICON for a no-obligation consultation.  Our experts will prepare a proposal for you, complete with costs and installation and training schedules.

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