ICONs Rental Management Workflow SystemTM is a superior product designed for the equipment rental industry to optimize the efficiency of their business processes of managing rental and return contracts, tracking rental assets and processing invoice billing.

Benefits of Rental Management Services Workflow System:

      Solidly exceed business results    

       Track and manage your rental business operations

     Measure your potential revenue by reporting on your pending rental quotes

       Handle partial returns for a rental contract

      Automatically close rental contracts when rented equipment is fully returned

       Dynamically manage rental equipment quantities whether on-hand, committed for rent or committed for return

   Automatic bi-directional alerts between rental warehouse personnel and contract administrators


      Reconcile customer requests with rental warehouse deliveries

   Easy lookup of rental contract information including job description and ship-to customer information

       Tremendously enhance customer satisfaction by responding quickly to changing demands

      Boost productivity by simplifying work tasks and streamlining your business

     Provide your customers with reports to manage their business

       Control expenses and grow revenue





ICONs Rental Management Workflow SystemTM is an integrated system that effectively manages and streamlines business processes within a single solution. The system consists of ten key functions that allow you to:

  1. Issue rental or return work orders by contract administration group, assign and schedule primary warehouse personnel to deliver or receive rental equipment

  2. Automatically alert primary warehouse personnel when customer request is scheduled

  3. After delivery is completed, warehouse personnel enters updated rented or received quantities

  4. Automatically alert contract administrators of status of customer request

  5. Efficiently generate invoices without manual entry. This system automatically transforms completed rental contracts into ready-to-bill invoices

  1. Batch bill customers by combining weekly rental work orders into a single invoice
  2. Easily manage your rental and return work orders by system-generated status levels and timestamps
  3. Generate periodic Work Report of all pending and completed rental/return contracts
  4. Dynamically measure your performance by tracking revenue all done in a single step
  5. Create easy-to-use reports containing valuable data managed by the system


ICONs Rental Management Workflow System is built on the robust platform of INFOtrac Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


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