To succeed in today’s competitive business environment, service-centric organizations need to optimize the efficiency of their business processes and their work force. These service-centric organizations cover a wide range of businesses such as Consulting, Accounting and Law firms.  Services Workflow System, developed by ICON, provides you with this competitive edge.

Benefits of Services Workflow System:

ü      Solidly exceed business results

ü      Increase measurable Return on Investment

ü      Track and manage your business operations

ü  Tremendously enhance customer satisfaction by responding quickly to changing demands


ü      Boost productivity by simplifying work tasks and streamlining your business

ü      Increase billable hours with less time spent on administrative and billing tasks

ü     Control expenses and grow revenue





ICON’s Workflow System is an integrated system that manages and streamlines business processes more 
effectively within a single solution. The system consists of ten key service-centric functions that allow 
you to
  1. Issue work orders by Administration group, assign and schedule primary consultant to service customer request
  2. Automatically alert primary consultant when customer request is scheduled
  3. Assign and reassign multiple consultants to complete servicing the customer request
  4. Automatically alert Billing department when service request is completed
  5. Efficiently generate invoices without any manual entry. This system automatically transforms completed work orders into ready-to-bill invoices


  1. Batch bill customers by combining monthly work orders into a single invoice
  2. Easily manage your work orders by system-generated status levels and timestamps
  3. Generate periodic Work Report of all customer requests scheduled for the period you select
  4. Dynamically measure your performance by tracking consultants’ hours logged for all completed service requests --- all done in a single step
  5. Create valuable easy-to-use reports containing valuable data that is collected and managed by the system


ICON’s Services Workflow System is built on the robust platform of INFOtrac Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


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